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Restile 2015


MIRAGE represents top quality Italian ceramics across the globe and is a point of reference in the world of design and building. Thanks to qualitative research, innovative design and technology, Mirage is able to offer a range of solutions that are not only formal, but are also integral to the planning and design contemporary living spaces.
More than 130mln squared meters of ceramics sold and installed worldwide, from America to Europe, Asia and Oceania, are the tangible guarantee of Mirage solidity and reliability as a company that has as good as written the history of porcelain stoneware across the world. Tremendous experience combined with the constant and the vast investments in research and technology have allowed the company to satisfy the needs of project-planning in an effective and versatile way, promoting innovative and evolved solutions in terms of performance and design.
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Mirage products are manufactured using pure raw materials such as minerals, kaolin, feldspar and clay that make up the 99% of every single slab, while the natural colours complete the aesthetic appeal of products.
The compacting process of materials is carried out without the addition of adhesives or resins thanks to a mechanical pressing process of over 500 kg per cm²; the products are then fired in 90 metre long kilns at a temperature of over 1,250°C, making the tiles homogenous and compact throughout their mass. Innovative production technology has enabled this material to become extremely resistant and compact. Its vitrified structure with low porosity guarantees high resistance to acids, dirt and frost.
A product that fully complies with the international standards in terms of safety of private and public spaces, mainly in terms of slipperiness, resistance to deep abrasion and to fire. A high-tech porcelain stoneware that is particularly suitable for areas subject to high traffic.

Submit, regulations and timing

Should you have trouble in sending the project, this could be due to the file being bigger than allowed size. For further information, you can send an email to the following address

For ease of clarity, we recommend to send one PDF format file with description, design and technical specifications.
For further information relevant to the material, we invite you to send an email to the following address

No, you can’t. Participants are only allowed to present one project each.

Anyone over the age of eighteen can take part in the ResTile contest. Anyone below the age of eighteen can only take part if authorised by parents and/or legal guardians.

Projects must be submitted by 1 March 2015.

Placements and awards

The Jury will base their assessment of the entries on the following criteria: the creative scope of the entry, the feasibility of the solution from a technical and manufacturing point of view, the compliance with the contest’s goals in terms of the product presented, the level of the entry’s innovation compared to what is currently on the market.

For any further information, please refer to point 7 of the Contest Rules at

The Jury will announce one winning project and a maximum of six special mentions. There will be three cash prizes of different amounts, assigned by winning order, with total prize money of EUR 10,000.00.

No co-winners are allowed. For any further information, please refer to the Contest Rules at

The results of the contest will be published online and notified to all participants via email.

Design and planning specifications

The chromatic range corresponds to the CMYK quadrichromatic class and to the RAL scale. No fluorescent colours are permitted.

Porcelain stoneware can be manufactured in the same way as natural stone, therefore polishing and honing treatments as well as textured and bush-hammered surface finishes are feasible. The choice for the finish depends mainly on the destination of use of the material and not on the production process: for specific applications, it is recommended to guarantee the necessary anti-slip coefficient and easy cleaning and maintenance of the surface (for further information visit ).