Restile 2020: the winners

Restile 2020: the winners

11 January 2021

The 2020 Restile contest, whose aim is to explore new and innovative ideas in ceramics, was well attended again this year with all those taking part, intent on seeing ceramics from a new and innovative perspective.
Its success and the involvement created are confirmed by the numbers and interaction in the digital spaces with over 100 projects submitted.

Restile can be considered an authentic, creative crowd-sourcing project that has now entered its final stages, the announcement of the six winning entries. 
The ceramic concepts that won over the jury are those designed by:


| Shower Projects |

Erica Fiumalbi & Andrea Ferri - DECO'
Caterina Redaelli & Giorgia Gerino - OPPOSTI IN NATURA
Roberto Trunfio - FALLS


|Wall Projects |

Carolina Renzi - IMPRONTA
Francesca Manfredini - OLTRE
Maria Laura de Micco - LINEE