Testimonials of partecipants

Francesco Costacurta

With POMPEI 2.0 project Francesco Costacurta has obtained a special mention for the symbolic and evocative value of the project and for the creative approach to the concept itself.

Stefano Barrale & Silvia Mattana

Stefano Barrale and Silvia Mattana's project #Magnetic Plugs earned a special mention for its refined and light graphics, reminiscent of fabric weft, and unusual plays on light created by the combination of a variety of graphical elements.

Cristian Gentile & Elisa Lo Castro

Inspired by Chiharu Shota’s works, the Penelope Project has acquired the special mention at the Restile 2015...

Martina Malomo & Francesca Scipioni

Designer Martina Malomo, and architect Francesca Scipioni, with their project "Lamerai", have taken the 2nd place at the Restile Awards. LAMERAI is a project that starts from markedly urban matters, such as the anti-slip metal sheet (or embossed) and the concrete, and becomes real in a double ceramic surface product.

Gianluca Carraro

The designer Gianluca Carraro, with his project SHASHIKO, took the 1st place at the Restile Awards. His project, SHASHIKO, takes inspiration from an oriental technique of embroidery, typical of the Japanese tradition: a tile that embodies the marks of a creative poem and gives life to a sofisticated tile.

Matteo Cecconi

The architect Matteo Cecconi has taken the third place in the Restile Awards with his project FENIX. The main object of his research on porcelain stoneware tiles has been the ancient techinque of "cocciopesto" (earthenware), a building tradition dated at the time of the Phoenicians. How did the the architect design a surface like this? What did he tell us? Let's find it out in the interview.

Daniele Canuti

I found out about the Mirage contest through europaconcorsi.it, the internet portal dedicated to design and architects that has an entire section dedicated to upcoming competitions.

Gaia Bottari & Istvàn Bojte

I first saw the Restile initiative on the internet portal of Abitare magazine. We decided to take part for two reasons: the prestige of the company involved and the brief. It immediately struck us that it was a fantastic opportunity to offer something different and more sought-after.

Giacomo Ferrari

Talking to a colleague of mine about the projects he was involved in at that time, the ResTile contest by Mirage came to my attention.

Lavinia Modesti + Deferrari

We found out about the Restile contest by checking, as we usually do, a publication listing new contest on design and architecture websites. 

Arabella Guidotto

I found out about the Restile contest while surfing a website dedicated to architecture. Reading the contest details I thought that the theme was exciting and allowed for the utmost creative expression, therefore my decision to take part came naturally, as did the idea for my project.

Filippo Bombace

I found out about the RESTILE contest via the internet and decided to take part as I was attracted by the project theme; the idea of being able to work on an architectural design starting from the choice of cladding immediately appealed me. 

Andrea Balzano

My name is Andrea Balzano and after having done work experience at various design studios I decided to focus on the development of my own projects.