Arabella Guidotto

Arabella Guidotto

I found out about the Restile contest while surfing a website dedicated to architecture. Reading the contest details I thought that the theme was exciting and allowed for the utmost creative expression, therefore my decision to take part came naturally, as did the idea for my project.
My intention also grew stronger considering the fact that, in this peculiar moment, a company had decided to run the risk and take a gamble on young designers via an international competition, as demonstrated by the people who made up the jury committee.
The experience was interesting as it was able to create a pro-active thinking of surface design and personally, it allowed me to apply my recent studies to a concrete and fascinating theme, stimulating new perspectives.
Throughout the entire phases of the contest, from project sending to final results, I particularly appreciated Mirage’s availability to support projects and designers, also showcasing the projects during the Fuori Salone exhibition in Milan. These are the reasons why I’d recommend architects and designers to take part in the contest’s next edition. 

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