Daniele Canuti

Daniele Canuti

I found out about the Mirage contest through europaconcorsi.it, the internet portal dedicated to design and architects that has an entire section dedicated to upcoming competitions.
I decided to take part as I believed that the theme would have been challenge, an unusual theme, difficult but not in the least bit ordinary, one which is often overlooked, although, given the number of people who wanted to take part, that can certainly not be said about this particular contest. 
I found the entire experience extremely stimulating and it challenged my desire to search for new shapes and applications for the material, although I did have to keep to the strict definitions of what a “tile” has to be like.
As I’ve said before, the theme suggested by Mirage wasn’t in the least bit trivial, so the dynamics of the planning were new and the field of research huge. It was the first time I had taken on such a project and I’m happy with the result as, although my idea at first “appeared complicated”, I was able to create something tangible without making compromises in terms of style and without losing sight of the objectives that I had set myself. 
Would I advise people to take part? Most certainly yes. It is an interesting challenge, completely different from other contests that people can take part in. 

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