Giacomo Ferrari

Giacomo Ferrari

Talking to a colleague of mine about the projects he was involved in at that time, the ResTile contest by Mirage came to my attention. It caught my attention and I read up about the rules and regulations, so much so that I was pleasantly surprised by the focus of the proposed subject of the study: not the usual classic graphic projection, but rather an innovative and different use of porcelain stoneware.
The idea of adding a new dimension and function to the material got me thinking straight away, and I decided to take part in the contest. I was excited at being able to view ceramic in a different light, a more creative, dynamic and distinguishing light. I was searching for a powerful idea, a radical one but that, at the same time, was in keeping with the history and tradition of Modena. 
I didn’t win the contest, but I have tremendous belief in my project, and that was important as the efficiency of the concept was also spotted by the jury and that allowed me to have direct contact with Mirage. 
As a consequence, after a few meetings, we established a partnership that is still going strong today. I’m proud that I’ve been asked to carry out important tasks, such as the planning of the trade fair stands and other specific promotional solutions; the collaboration isn’t just an on-going one, but it is developing to the extent that today I am one of two architects employed to exclusively take care of the requests of Mirage.

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