Lavinia Modesti + Deferrari

Lavinia Modesti + Deferrari

We found out about the Restile contest by checking, as we usually do, a publication listing new contest on design and architecture websites.
The contest specifications immediately thrilled us. In fact, as our studio we have always worked on modularity and on the combinations of simple elements, therefore it seemed a good occasion for us to develop an idea. Moreover, the prizes of the contest and the showcasing of projects at Mirage Project Point n Milan during the Salone del Mobile 2014 exhibition was a fantastic opportunity, which reflected the serious intent and objectives of the company.
Taking part in the contest and having the opportunity to share ideas with international colleagues was exciting but, above all, we appreciated the opportunity to get in contact with an important company such as Mirage. From the very beginning and the contest’s results, Mirage was immediately willing to start a partnership for the creation and then production and sale of the product.
The contest created the perfect opportunity for our studio to come to the attention of Mirage, therefore the possibility to develop a project together with the company. We think that this type of contests is very useful for designers and studios to establish profitable partnership with consolidated industry realities.

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