The “100% Mirage Projets” Contest (“Contest”) is promoted by:
Mirage Granito Ceramico Spa (“Mirage”),
with registered office in Pavullo nel Frignano (MO),
Via Giardini Nord no. 225,
Tax Code and VAT no. 00175990365,

which carries on the production and distribution of floors and coverings in porcelain stoneware able to satisfy the requirements of any intended use, including ventilated facades, raised floors and solutions for outdoor living.


The Contest takes place throughout the national Belgian territory.


The prize Contest will be publicised from 24 May.

It will be possible to take part from 24 May until 25 November 2021.


The products to be used in the Contest are exclusively all slabs in “Mirage” porcelain stoneware, from any collection, with thickness and format as provided for in the Mirage range.


The Contest is intended for anyone that has acquired and used Mirage collections for their own external, residential or commercial projects.
Participation in this initiative implies for the participants automatic, unconditional and total acceptance of the clauses contained in this document, without any exception.
A copy of the regulations is also available at the registered office of the Promoter Entity and through the link published on the website: www.100projetmirage.be
Minors may take part with the approval of their parents (or their legal guardians). Mirage reserves the right, at any time, to request written documentation and to carry out necessary checks.


The Contest is aimed at developing the numerous applicative solutions of the Mirage material used in all possible outdoor, residential and commercial contexts, and at improving awareness of it and its dissemination wherever possible.

The Contest is viewed as a means for interaction between Mirage and whoever has used the company’s product, also with the aim of rewarding such use.


Participation in the event is free.


The above-indicated interested parties (“Contact Persons”) will be able to participate in the Contest; they will have to register by completing the specific form downloadable from the www.100projetmirage.be website, inserting their general details and images (“photographs”) relating to the reference project(s) by, and not later than, 25 November 2021 at 4:00pm (CET).
For every participant (“Contact Person”), who will become the holder of a prize in event of wining the contest, it is possible to upload one or more projects, but not to upload the same project in more than one phase or more than one section.
A minimum of 3 and a maximum or 15 images of the same project may be uploaded for each project. Said images must clearly make the composition of the space clearly evident and make clear how the Mirage material has been used.
Any further information or clarifications may be requested at info@100mirageprojets.be

Mirage reserves the right to check that the material used in the projects is effectively produced by the company and, if necessary, to request from the participants the original files of the images in the event of doubts or disputes. Mirage does not assume any responsibility for any errors in the identification of the Mirage material on the part of the participants in the Contest.

Usernames, emails and nicknames for advertising and/or commercial purposes and/or in any way offensive or vulgar, are not admitted and under penalty of the immediate expulsion of the participant user.

It should be noted that in order to guarantee compliance with the conditions of the Contest and its regular conduct, all the projects uploaded will be subject to pre-approval on the part of Mirage, which will therefore not be answerable for the time necessary for their publication and reserves the right not to accept them and, therefore, to eliminate those not considered appropriate for the Contest due to their nature and/or type or, in any case, contrary to public morality and to good taste or offensive with respect to any person or entity.

Mandatory elements for participation in the Contest are:

  • One or more images/photographs (minimum 3, maximum 15) of each project developed with Mirage slabs, from any collection, with thickness and format as provided for in the Mirage range;
  • Indication of the location of the project (city and Post Code) or where it has been developed;
  • Indication of the name, e-mail address and profession of the person (Contact Person) that has inserted the project;
  • Automatic acceptance of the Contest conditions and authorisation for the processing of personal data.

Further optional materials that can be sent when submitting a project are:

  • Brief description of the project;
  • Additional indications regarding the materials used, their application and particular features.


Photographs taken with any means for producing photographic images of projects developed with Mirage products can be forwarded.

Said images must be saved in JPEG format, with a maximum weight permitted for each image of 5MB.

With their participation in the Contest, the user self-certifies authorship of the photographs or the intellectual property of the same, assuming all liability in the event of third-party claims.

The following will not be admitted:

  • Photographs with internal logo, signature, watermarks, frames/passepartout and recognisable marks of any kind
  • Photographs already uploaded by another user
  • Photographs for which copyright is not held
  • Photographs which are offensive with respect to any person or entity
  • Photographs not strictly pertinent to the Contest
  • Photographs that have already received awards in other Contests
  • Photographs with digital retouching, photomontages and composite images of any kind, under penalty of exclusion of the Contact Person from the Contest.

Participation in the Contest implies the granting to Mirage of the right of use and of reproduction free of charge and without exclusive rights, without limits of time and space, of the photographs used, admitted and possibly awarded. As a result, the participants automatically authorise Mirage the use and publication of the photographs in question and any additional information inserted in the participation form on any and every means of dissemination, releasing Mirage from any liability, also with respect to any persons or entities (also minors) shown in the photographs who, therefore, must issue to the same participant consent for the use, publication and/or dissemination of their images (release). Said release must be delivered by the participant to Mirage and signed by a parent or legal guardian in the case of minors. It is understood, however, that, in uploading the images, a participant self-certifies possession of any release necessary for publication of the photograph and everything concerning it.


Evaluation of the projects is assigned to a Jury composed of the following officers of the Mirage company: Chairman, C.E.O., Sales Director, Marketing and Communication Team (“the Mirage Jury”). Said Jury will reward the projects that best embody Mirage’s identity from an aesthetic, application and design point of view.

There will be 9 winning Projects in the Contest, as assigned by the above Mirage Jury, whose decision is final: 3 for the “residential project” category, 3 for the “commercial project” category” and 3 for the “outdoor project” category. No feedback will be due to any person or entity regarding the selection process and the choice of winners.

The outcome will be published on the website dedicated to the contest,  www.100projetmirage.be, not before 09 December 2021.

It should be noted that for participation in the Contest and for the recognition of any prize, it will be necessary to send to Mirage, if requested, due documentation proving acquisition of the Mirage products.


There will be 3 winners for each of the 3 categories.

The 3 winners will be recognised 3 Amazon vouchers of different value.


  • for first place, an Amazon voucher for 500 euros;
  • for second place, an Amazon voucher for 300 euros;
  • for third place, an Amazon voucher for 200 euros.

The prizes are not cumulative.

The Promoter Entity does not assume any liability: - for failed receipt of the prizes due to incorrect/illegible indication of the general details in the registration form; - for failed use of the prizes for any reason the responsibility for which is attributable to the winner; - for improper use of the prizes on the part of the winners or of unsuitable persons for reasons of age or physical and/or mental disability; - in the event of the occurrence of negative evens and/or, in any case, damaging for the winner during use of the prizes.

The Promoter declares, moreover, that the server for the registration of data is regularly situated in the national territory.


With the submission of the requested documentation, the participants accept and adhere to all regulations established by the Contest and also accept not to include in the working papers and documentation transmitted material protected, in whole or in part, by copyright, assuming any consequent liability.


The user can delete their account by sending an email to the address: info@100projetsmirage.be, requesting said deletion of the account.

Removal implies:
_The removal of the user from the competition and the loss of the right to receive a prize in the event the user has already been declared a winner;
_The removal of all photographs present on the site dedicated to the Contest.

Any communications already published with reference to a project, whether on the site of the contest or on any other means of communication used, will not be permitted.


Mirage may not be held liable in the event of modification or cancellation of the Contest due to causes outside of its control or, in any case, due to causes of force majeure.

Mirage declines, moreover, any liability for any Internet malfunctioning or access problem such as, for example, bugs, viruses, damage suffered during the document uploading phase or unauthorized access of a third party that affects in any way the proper functioning of the site. It also declines any liability for difficulties regarding technical instruments, computers, telephone cables, electronics, software and hardware.


The Data Controller is the Promoter Entity “Mirage Granito Ceramico Spa”, which shall process personal data in compliance with GDPR 2016/679 and Legislative Decree no. 101/2018 and in compliance with current regulations regarding privacy (Leg. Dec. 196/03), on the basis of which participation in the Contest implies, on the part of the participant, authorisation to the processing of personal data and their use on the part of Mirage and/or of third parties appointed by it for the performance of obligations pertinent to the Contest.